Markets will go up and down.
Your plan should be able to weather those storms.

Our convictions about creating and managing a portfolio are rooted in a big-picture understanding of how markets and money actually work.

Our 5-Part Investment Philosophy

Trust the Markets - They Work

We believe there is little chance of consistently and systematically beating the market and that trying to “beat the market” by stock picking, chart reading, timing the market and other active management techniques is speculating not investing. So instead of gambling with your nest egg, we focus on capturing the returns of the market over the long haul.

Diversification is Key

As the saying goes, we don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Holding a portfolio with a broad range of investments helps manage overall risk and can help you to better weather the market’s inevitable ups and downs.

Costs and Taxes Matter

The more you move your money, the more costs, and potentially taxes, you incur. Over time, these additional transaction costs and taxes add up. They will slowly, but surely, eat away at your returns. Actively controlling costs and taxes is essential to maximizing your long-term returns.

Control Risk, Control Return

Risk and return are directly related. In fact, exposure to risk factors, not the selection of individual securities, is the primary determinant of expected return. Our job is to make sure you are only taking risks that are appropriate to your unique situation.

Have a Plan

Investing can be very emotional. Often, financial decisions can be derailed by fear, greed, panic, impatience and even positive emotions like confidence.

We help our clients build a plan to withstand that turbulence. Your plan will focus on what you want to accomplish and the best way to make it happen.

Our goal is to help you be fully prepared, so you can stick with your plan.