The 4 Biggest Financial Mistakes I See

The Biggest Financial Mistakes I see

Everyone makes mistakes, but when it comes to your finances, too many mistakes can have a devastating impact on your ability to accumulate wealth and retire with confidence. Luckily, many common mistakes are completely avoidable with the right knowledge and the right financial partners on your side. Here are the top four financial mistakes I…

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401(k) Planning: What Do You Need to Know?

401(k) Planning- What Do You Need to Know

Having a 401(k) plan is one of the best ways to maximize your retirement savings. It’s a great way to capture tax benefits while automatically saving money from every paycheck. When this is combined with an employer match, a 401(k) can become one of the most powerful investment tools for retirement.  While enrolling and participating…

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Did you know FMF&E Wealth Management is on social media? We created our pages as an extension of our mission to help provide the knowledge you and your family need to succeed. By empowering and educating our clients to make confident financial decisions, we can make our mission a reality. If that’s what you want…

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How Does an Independent Financial Advisor Benefit You?

As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, we pride ourselves on offering the very best to our clients when developing a wealth management plan that is tailored to each individual and their family. We offer sound guidance based on our clients’ unique needs and goals because we are independent advisors and fiduciaries who are always working…

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4 Ways Business Owners Can Catch Up for Retirement in a Hurry

When you own a business, it can often feel like one of your children—you work hard, nurturing it to grow, succeed, and benefit society. This understandable attachment creates an emotional investment that can make it difficult to find a balance between prioritizing personal finances and your business. For instance, business owners commonly face the struggle…

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Retirement Planning For Individuals And Families

When construction contractors are ready to begin a project, they must start with a blueprint. If they were to simply take a pile of materials, tools, and supplies and begin placing them together haphazardly, the results would be undesirable. Rather than a home, office, or skyrise, they would have a worthless pile of wasted resources.…

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